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Re: Has there ever been a Kryptonian Green Lantern?

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Plus I don't think it has ever been explained why Clark is vulnerable to magic. It might have been a thing invented when they first introduced Mxy.
I always thought it might be a neat idea if he were vulnerable to magic because he was raised as a human and thus possessed of a human imagination and human belief structure. I.e., an Alan Moore's Promethea take on magic as applied to the DCU. How would an alien have reacted to the "apocalypse"*?--which there (spoiler for a five year old book!) was depicted as a global hallucination correlated with electromagnetic field disturbances (it's left explicitly ambiguous whether the EM flux causes the hallucination--which would raise the question where the EM flux came from, or whether the magic-driven hallucination caused the EM flux; the point is, magic was a physical phenomenon, but mainly confined to your own subjective experience of the world).

Whereas were Supergirl to fight Captain Marvel, all she sees is just a little boy. And then she breaks his neck, because even though he's not really threatening, those black soulless eyes compel her hands.

It almost certainly couldn't work, but I think it's a fun notion to think about, asking the question "What the hell is magic, anyway?"

*Well, the robot experienced it as well, so maybe just the same. P.S. The Painted Doll is the awesomest Joker pastiche ever, and frankly he's a lot cooler than that lame duck of an IP. But he's trapped in America's Best Comics forever because Alan Moore wants all his ideas to die with him.

Guy Gardner wrote:
2. A Kryptonian can move and think and react at relativistic speeds. Just the same as if Barry Allen had had a Green Lantern Ring and he could create half a billion deadly constructs rushing towards endgame and checkmate picosecopnds after he'd decided to destroy the opposition.
Yeah, that'd be a broken character. Like, Zatanna Broken. Worse.

Tangent! I have never, ever understood how Gorilla Grodd became like the no. 2 Flash villain. Like, Batman? Yeah, Batman would have trouble with a super-intelligent telepathic gorilla. But the fucking Flash? You can't mind control a man who thinks at lightspeed. And the "strength of a mountain gorilla" is, honestly, not terribly impressive. 5.56X45mm NATO standard cartridges rather easily surpass the strength of a mountain gorilla. You can't mind control bullets either.

To be fair, I have the same problem with 90% of the Flash's Rogues Gallery--other than Captain Cold, who can explicitly counter his speed, the Top, who has super-speed, Kadabra, who is the future, and of course Thawne and Johns' weak-ass, worst-villain-concept-ever knockoff--none of these guys should ever give a man who has the mass of a planet any trouble at all. I mean, fucking Heat Wave? A man with a flame thrower is a super-villain? Really?

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