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Re: DS9 Season 10, ep 10x08 - "Property Values"

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It's also nice that Quark finally was able to do something with his ambassadorship.
That's exactly the reason I came up with this episode. I wanted a Quark story, and I thought, "So he's been the Ambassador for a year now... what does he actually do? We haven't seen him doing anything Ambassadorial." He offered "diplomatic services" to someone one time, but without specifying what those services are. So I wanted an episode about that, and what I came up with was "give someone asylum for some reason." Everything else flowed from that.

And I just love the gag about Morn still not saying anything on screen because he gets stage fright. That had been built in from the start. Ro's lame joke about "pointers" just came to me as I was writing it.

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I do enjoy the stand-alones, but can't help wondering when the Ascendant storyline might be taken off.
I'm getting there, I'm getting there! In fact, I've been laying some seeds for things that will come to flower later and play into the Ascendant storyline when it arrives.

Which it will.

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