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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

"Batman: Year One" B + . A very strong adaptation of Frank Miller's esteemed graphic novel that retells Batman's origin story in the modern era. Bryan Crantston is arguably the star of the DVD as his voices newly transferred Chicago cop Jim Gordon. He was so good that he very well could play him in live action film. Ben McKenzie voices Bruce Wayne and Batman. McKenzie does a good job, but I thought his Bruce Wayne was off, I could hear too much of Ben and not enough of the character. His Batman was dead on though. Raw, unrefined and naive. Eliza Duskhu voices Selina Kyle who has a reduced role in the film which doesn't focus on her. She is Catwoman though. The animation is crisp and smooth...almost reminded me of a TimmVerse style crossed with "Gotham Knights". Christopher Drake's score was amazing. It is short though and if you're looking for more...then this won't be for you but if you go into familiar with the graphic novel you will be pleased.
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