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Re: Has there ever been a Kryptonian Green Lantern?

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Wouldn't those powers only happen on planets with yellow suns? So, like on Krypton he/she would be like everyone else...
...with a Green Lantern Power Ring.
Right. That's my point. There wouldn't be "additional" powers. Superman is like Hal on Krypton. So the Guardians wouldn't reject a Kryptonian based on the fact on ANOTHER planet for some reason he could fly.
But on a planet with a yellow sun, which there are quite a few of in the DC Universe, the Power Ring, becomes superfluous.

Without the Power Ring, Hal is Hal everywhere; Superman is Superman and a Green Lantern under a yellow sun, and a Green Lantern in other star systems. Theoretically, he could create the radiation of a yellow sun inside the protective field generated by the Power Ring and be "Superman, the Green Lantern" where ever he is.
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