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Re: Superman (casting, rumors, pix till release)

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The thing about the Clark/Superman nobody-sees-through-the-disguise-thing is, we, the audience, know it, of course. But why would anyone in-universe think Superman had a secret identity? He's not wearing a mask.

And so, that journalist with the glasses looks a lot like Superman. But could it be him? Seriously, though, why would Superman, of all people, work at a newspaper. That's like, I don't know, seeing someone who looks like Matt Damon working in an office. Yeah, he looks like him, but there's no way. Maybe some even think about it enough to tell him "Hey, you know, you look a lot like Matt Damon", but he just says: "Yeah, I get that a lot. Even thought about doing some look-alike appearances, but I got little enough leisure time as it is."
The thing is in real life it is so easy to recognize people with their glasses off. It is one of the weakest disguises in superhero lore.
Somehow I get the feeling you really didn't get my point.

It's not about the glasses. It's about "Why the heck would Superman live as a normal man working as a journalist". Remember, to anyone in-universe (Silver Age-Lois aside), Superman has no secret identity.

John Byrne even did a story in which Lex Luthor has a computer working on the relation between Superman and Clark Kent, and when the computer tells him that they are the same person, he trashes the computer because to him it makes no sense that someone as powerful as Superman would disguise himself as a normal man.

It wasn't the first time something went over my head.

You do make a good point.
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