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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

140. Dumbo (A-)
141. Smiles of a Summer Night (A)
142. The Ides of March (B)
143. Moneyball (A-)
144. A Few Good Men (A+)
145. Some Like It Hot (A+)

Ever since I got old enough to realize that Adam Sandler isn't funny I've had a troubled relationship with comedy, because I've found many of the most acclaimed classic comedies to be overrated too (my journey through Preston Sturges' filmography yielded a couple of gems but a number of highly rated films that I didn't think too much of). It's a hard genre, in my opinion, and I find that I generally prefer drama. This is one of the classic comedies I've seen that really delivers. This is the first movie I've seen with Marilyn Monroe in a lead role (she was in All About Eve in a small role), and she's delightful, as are Tony Curtis and Jack Lemmon.
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