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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 4, part 2

Day 8, 0700 hours

After the excitement of last night, the next morning was something of a let down for Bashir. Sure he had won all that latinum, and he had Mela, but all he could do was think about Megan. He had woke up early for some reason, and after carefully getting out of bed so as to not disturb Mela, he want to his favorite cafe on the ground floor. He was surprised to see Nog already there in the cafe. There was silence between the two as they steadily consumed more alcoholic beverages.

At first it was a lot of synthohol, then Bashir had a black hole, but as he drank he didn’t really taste anything as his mind was somewhere else.

“Do you want another black hole?” said Nog.

Bashir looked down in surprise to find that his glass was empty. “No... I don't feel like drinking.”

All he felt like doing was thinking, or wishing, and his gaze drifted into space.

“Uh oh, I've seen that look before,” said Nog.

“What look?” said Bashir in a somewhat distant voice.

“The look of I'm in love with the women of my dreams.”

Bashir was suddenly brought to his senses. “Ridiculous!” he exclaimed, though he said the word with more loudness than was necessary.

“First it was Jadzia, then Ezri, I didn't realize you took a shine to Mela so quickly.”

“It’s not Mela...”

“Who is it then?” asked Nog, he sounded super interested.

Bashir paused, he wasn’t sure how to say this without getting embarrassed by Nog. “Don't laugh but it's... it's Megan.”

Nog laughed out loud and the contents of the black hole drink came spilling out of his mouth. Hastily Nog wiped his mouth. “Sorry about that…”

Taking out a tissue Nog mopped up some of the mess on the table. “Megan, are you serious?” he said in jovial manner.

Despite Nog’s jibe, Bashir completely ignored it, he didn’t really care what Nog thought about this. “It's just that these last few days with Megan have been... wonderful. She's a brilliant women, intelligent, nice and so beautiful...”

Something in Nog’s face seemed to suggest he was cringing from embarrassment. “I thought you didn't really like her?”

“I know there's all those questions about what really happened to the Liberty, and what exactly was Megan's involvement in all of that. But whatever you might think of her, I cannot believe for an instant that she was responsible for the Liberty's destruction or for the attempted assassination of Gul Bordak.”

The hilarity was removed from Nog’s face, replaced with a look of concern for his friend's love for Megan. “Okay I admit, there is the possibility that Megan is innocent, but forget all of that, have you told her about your feelings?”

Here came the snag, the thing that popped the happy bubble that Bashir was experiencing. “That's it I can't tell her, I don't think Megan would reciprocate those feelings.”

Nog shook his head in disapproval. “Oh boy, you've definitely got a crush on her, you've fallen head over heels in love, and you haven't thought all of this through.”

“What is there to think about?” said Bashir angrily.

Nog looked in a patronizing way towards Bashir, it was like a teacher explaining to a small child why two plus two equalled four. “Did it ever occur to you, that Megan doesn't love you because she has been put off by romance and other males?”

“What do you mean?” said Bashir, he sounded nervous, as cold reality shattered his romantic fantasies.

“Well first there's Jack, she may have had a relationship with him, but Jack was taken away and arrested. If Megan really did love Jack, then she will be feeling terribly hurt and betrayed, she will probably be afraid of having another intimate relationship with a man. Of course she was tortured in the Tau Primia prison, probably by Gul Bordak himself. I've checked the Liberty survivors accounts, nearly all of the survivors were raped, and what happened to the women doesn't bare thinking of. So Megan feels deeply violated, add all these factors together and you've got a women who will want to avoid intimacy and romance for a very long time.”

Bashir marveled at what Nog had deduced, suddenly he felt very stupid about his crush on Megan. “I know... but I haven't had these feelings for a women in a very long time, not since well... the time Ezri and I were in a relationship.”

Nog looked sadly at Bashir, as he looked in a pitiful way at his friends dilemma. “I don't see what you can do, I mean for all the women you could fall for it had to be Megan. You could be waiting for a very long time you know.”

This was the truth of the matter and Bashir had no choice but to accept it. “Your right, I mean I got over Jadzia and I can do the same with Megan.”

It had taken two years for Bashir to fully get over Jadzia, and even afterwards he sometimes still wished Jadzia loved him. All of those feelings were shattered after Jadzia’s death, and then came Ezri, it was so ironic that he eventually had a relationship with Dax. Despite the break-up with Ezri, the only women Bashir felt he could really love and have true happiness with was Ezri. But the rift that sprung between the two was too big to seal... At least he had Mela upstairs in his quarters…

Bashir stood up. “I’m going back to my quarters, and spend some time with Mela.”

Nog nodded. “You know what, I think I’ll go back to my quarters, Ackterial is so amazing…”

Bashir walked out of the cafe, he hoped he would get over Megan soon, but he felt so miserable. He was 52 and still a bachelor, and he feared he was going to grow old without a wife or a women he really loved at his side. Mela was simply a distraction, she would be gone the moment he left Ferenginar. For all his charm, intelligence and good looks it had given him zero success in finding a stable relationship. Even Odo who was devoid of good looks and charm, was happily married to the love of his life which was Kira. So why couldn’t Bashir find happiness?


Day 8, 1100 hours

It was late in the morning, and Megan was on the top of the building, sitting down on a sunbed next to the open air swimming pool. She was a reading a book from a pad, and doing her best to ignore Bashir and Mela, for Mela was snuggled up right next to Bashir. The pink dress Mela was wearing was unbelievably tight, and it clung to her voluptuous body and showed amble amounts of her cleavage.

Megan wondered how Mela could even breathe in such a dress. Right now it was so embarrassing for Megan just being in Bashir’s and Nog’s presence. Occasionally Bashir and Mela would kiss, and Mela would rest right on top of Bashir’s body. Such public displays of affection became almost excruciatingly embarrassing for Megan. At least with Ackterial giving Nog oo-mox it wasn’t so obvious.

Out of the corner of her eye, Megan show Tron approaching her. After last night, she couldn’t believe it, she threw the padd against a stand and stood up to confront Tron. “You again! You have some nerve showing up after I smashed your nose in!”

“I do love a woman who resists my charm,” said Tron eagerly.

Bashir stood up, and he looked rather menacingly towards Tron. “Is this the Ferengi who was bothering you last night Megan?”

“She's mine!” said Tron, in an aggressive manner.

Tron had annoyed Megan for the last time, and she had a cunning plan to get rid of him. “Let me deal with this,” she told Bashir. “Have you got a brick of gold-pressed latinum on you?”

“I have,” said Bashir, he took out the brick of latinum from the front of his shirt and passed it to Megan.

“Thanks,” said Megan, she then turned around to face Tron, it was time to play his perverse game. She made her voice suitably warm and seductive. “Say Tron, do you want this?”

As much as Tron wanted Megan, he wanted the brick of latinum a lot more. Pure greed shone from his eyes, he seemed to be almost slobbering over both the latinum and Megan. “Yes I do!” he said in a hushed voice.

Megan walked over next to the pool, and predictably Tron followed her. She was standing right at the edge of the pool, and Tron was very close to her. “Do you really want it?” she said, tempting Tron further as she swung the brick in front of his face.

Tron nodded eagerly, he was like a puppy waiting to suckle from the mother’s teat.

“Then come and get it!” She chucked the brick into the pool. Almost immediately Tron dived into the pool to retrieve the brick.

Megan felt supremely triumphant. “Ha!” she said nastily.

Tron resurfaced and he looked furious, as he looked like an complete idiot diving into the pool fully clothed just to retrieve some latinum. In fact he was so furious he could barely string two words together. “You... you... are... are...”

“What?” said Megan innocently.

Tron regained some of his composure. “It's over between us, you are a manipulative female who is unworthy of me!”

After that outburst he stormed off in fury, Megan watched him go with a deep sense of satisfaction. “Funny, I didn't think there was anything between 'us'.”

Nog was intrigued just enough by the whole scene with Megan, that he seemed to be ignoring the oo-mox Ackterial was giving him. “Way to show him up, what a prat!”

With Nog’s attention diverted, Ackterial became more vigorous in how she gave oo-mox. The result was instant, Nog became suddenly aroused. “Ahh! That's... that's really good!”

“Anything for my tongo king!” said Ackterial with sickening sweetness.

Megan could not help it, she sniggered at just how mushy and submissive Ackterial was towards Nog.

Despite the oo-mox, Nog had heard Megan’s sniggering. “There's nothing to laugh at, Bashir and I are the best players at tongo!”

Megan was about to continue reading but thought better of it. “I can't stand sitting around any more, do you two want to walk?”

“Good idea,” said Bashir. “Do you want to come Mela?”

Mela pouted slightly to express her disapproval. “I think I'll stay here, besides I hardly ever walk...”

“I'm staying here with Ackterial,” said Nog. It was a wonder he could still coherently speak through the intense oo-mox Ackterial was giving him. “In fact Ackterial why don't we return to my quarters and you can give me some more oo-mox in private.”

“Anything for you dear,” said Ackterial softly, she batted her eyelids rapidly.

Megan inwardly cringed, it was so obvious that Ackterial was only sticking with Nog for the money and the sex, and Nog was stupid enough to go along with it. Mind you he was a Ferengi, though at least Bashir seemed to have more sense. However Megan suspected that Mela was starting to lose interest in Bashir, though Megan wasn’t at all surprised by this.

As she and Bashir walked back to their respective quarters, Megan felt sincerely sorry for Bashir and Nog, they had so obviously confused love with lust. Megan knew that because she had once acted the role of a woman just like Mela and Ackterial. In her Starfleet Intelligence years, sometimes she had to infiltrate a criminal organization.

She usually either posed as a prostitute, or a mistress or a concubine, and used her body to get close to the person wanted dead or captured in an SI mission. She knew how to be submissive and seductive to make weak minded men fall for her charm. Though she took no pleasure in having that skill, and the times when she had used it, it felt like she was shredding her humanity to pieces…


Day 8, 1900 hours

The second day of her vacation had been a good one, the main highlight was another big walk around one area of the Ferengi countryside. Bashir and Nog were going to check if they could still gamble in the casino, and Megan suspected that they would ask her to come along. Sure enough there was a knock on the door, Bashir was dressed in a tuxedo though Nog wasn’t.

Strangely Mela and Ackterial weren’t with Bashir and Nog.

“Where's Mela?” Megan asked Bashir.

The look of disappointment on Bashir’s face told it all for Megan, Bashir looked seriously forlorn. “She's left Ferenginar, apparently she had urgent business elsewhere, but I did some checking and it turns out she was on vacation with her husband. She used me just to give herself some pleasure...”

Megan expected to hear another sob story of loss from Nog. “What about you Nog?”

“Oh Ackterial is just waiting for me in her quarters, she is something special I can tell you. Anyway we're just about to go to this beautician's parlour, next to the main swimming pool complex, it's a shop that provides amazing massages, for a price of course. I was just wondering if you wanted to come along?”

Gambling was bad enough, but Megan wasn’t sure if she accommodate a massage. “I don't know...”

“You won't regret it, afterwards you will feel amazing,” said Bashir.

“Go on,” said Nog enthusiastically. “Treat yourself, you're on vacation!”

The two were absolutely right, and Megan decided to throw caution to the wind. “Oh what the hell...”

It was a decision she didn’t regret. Inside the beautician parlour, Megan had one handsome and very hunky man who gave her the most amazing message of her life. For the first time she didn’t feel embarrassed, as she let the man press his fingers against her bare back. Of course this man was absolutely professional about it, the moment Megan requested privacy to put her shirt back on, he disappeared from the room in an instant.

Being on Ferenginar gave Megan a freedom she had never felt in years, she was becoming used to pampering herself, and she was looking forward to the next twelve days of her stay on Ferenginar, where she could further indulge and treat herself…
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