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Re: TOS Enterprise Question...

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That doesn't explain it "in universe" does it?
No. Not everything is explainable in universe, nor should it be.
Unless it is relevant to the discussion. If a person claims for example (not you CarbonCopy), "Warps only allows straight ahead flight, no left and no right" they should be able to explain why that statement doesn't fit the in-universe evidence that shows many a ship turning at warp without having to resort to "it was an error or shortcoming in effects" or it was "unintended by the writer", etc.

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For example, the universe should not have to explain why so many people look like Diana Muldaur.
Of course it is explainable in-universe why two people in TOS look like Diana Muldaur - they just do. Do you think it is that uncommon for look-alikes to exist?

Something more challenging would be in TOS what the odds of two or more planets developing exactly like Earth, with one even having the same Declaration of Independence If anything, the odds are "out of whack" in TOS
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