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YouTube to launch professionally produced channels

To debut in January.

Google has put Hollywood on notice to keep mum as it prepares to announce its big plan to redefine YouTube with 25 or so channels that will offer professionally produced news, information and entertainment. Google plans to spend an estimated $150M for the services — top tier channels would get about $5M apiece. I’m told that the search giant wants to unveil its initial slate of channels by the end of this month. They’d go live in January. YouTube is gearing up to announce additional channels in January that would be up around April.

...Google hopes that the slick productions will open doors on Madison Avenue where many major advertisers still turn their backs on YouTube’s user-generated content. If the financial model works, then Google could launch countless channels to make it the destination of choice for people who want to explore passions or interests that are too specialized for mass media including broadcast and cable TV.
This is the future of TV. But it will be an ungodly mess getting there, with many epic fails along the way. Regardless of the entertainment value of the content, it will be fun to watch.
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