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Re: TOS Enterprise Question...

if you're going to say "TOS Enterprise is limited to only rolling once at warp" as a reason why those 4 top panels should not be sensors then it should be supportable "in universe"
See, this is what I mean as to why this isn't worth quibbling over. I never said that. In fact, up above, I took the trouble to specifically mention that I was not saying that.

I was only challenging the assertion as to when one would have limitations on how the array could be used; that's all. And that doesn't have any bearing on whether it's really an array; I think there's just as much evidence that's it's an array as there is that it's four skylights.

It was just hard to get across exactly what I was trying to say, I guess.

That doesn't explain it "in universe" does it?
No. Not everything is explainable in universe, nor should it be. For example, the universe should not have to explain why so many people look like Diana Muldaur.
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