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Re: TOS Enterprise Question...

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There are more examples, but those are the ones I can think of right now
I don't believe it's worth it to quibble about these things.

Some of your examples involve what I would consider over-interpreting things, like the TMP DE scenes, which were in my opinion simply badly constructed. I recall reading commentary somewhere that the lounge scene needed to be done that way for some technical reason to save money; I don't have a link.
Well, yes, but since we are quibbling (a little), I'll add:

On the other hand, if you're going to say "TOS Enterprise is limited to only rolling once at warp" as a reason why those 4 top panels should not be sensors then it should be supportable "in universe". It's mostly just paying attention to the details but that means there is evidence that does indicate the ship is not limited to flying straight ahead at warp (or impulse) and backwards in an emergency..

In any case, using "out of universe" reasons to exclude "in universe" evidence doesn't mean it didn't happen "in universe", IMHO.

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With respect to the the spiral pattern example from The Corbomite Maneuver, the spiral course started at impulse speed. I don't see any reason to assume they were still spiraling when the radiation started getting dangerous. Indeed, according to a transcript they were going straight astern by then:
That's pretty much what I wrote. She starts of spiraling, then moving forward and then reverse and then finally reversing at warp.

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In "The Corbomite Maneuver" she's spiraling, then moving forward and then reverse and then reverse at warp trying to distance herself from the cube. Later on, Enterprise breaks free from the tractor beam by shearing away at a right angle course.
I bolded the parts where they move forward after the spiraling and when she reverses.
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BAILEY: Course plotted and laid in, sir.
KIRK: Engage, Mister Sulu. Quarter speed.
SULU: Point two five, sir. Still blocking us, sir.
KIRK: Let's see if it'll give way. Ahead half speed.
SULU: Point five oh, sir.
SPOCK: Radiation from the short end of the spectrum increasing.
KIRK: All stop. Hold position.
BAILEY: It's still coming toward us. Range, one hundred ninety metres.
SPOCK: Radiation increasing.
KIRK: Power astern, half speed.
SULU: Half speed.
SPOCK: Radiation nearing the tolerance level.
BAILEY: Still coming, gaining on us.
KIRK: Engines astern, full speed.
SULU: Full speed.
BAILEY: Range one hundred twenty five metres now.
KIRK: Helm, give us warp speed.
SULU: Warp one, sir.
Furthermore, at least in the original footage (honestly I haven't seen the new effects, and don't really care to), we never see which way the ship is facing. Just because the cube is always centered on the screen doesn't mean the ship is always facing the cube.
For "The Corbomite Maneuver" I was more interesting in the course she was attempting to take away from the cube. Later on when she breaks away from Balok's small ship she snaps/banks away to the side indicating she was shearing to the side.

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The stock footage approach you mention would be a good example, were it not that one could explain away the slight tilt as a limitation of the special effects. And so forth.
That doesn't explain it "in universe" does it?

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This isn't worth quibbling over; it's speculation on top of speculation to address a tangential issue about speculation. Your points are worth considering, but let's move on from this, OK? Thanks for the feedback though. I'll keep it in mind as I rewatch Trek in the future, and watch for what you mention.
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