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Re: Embrace or Reject?: "Space as treated like an ocean.

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But if you want to show them being thousands of kilometers aparrt, how do you make that interesting to look at, is the question.
You can't.
Making it interesting is subjective, no? I wouldn't say one can't, just because it hasn't occurred to one.
It really is a case that you can't. In the part of my post you omitted, it really is as simple that it's too big a distance to show on any screen.
Huh? Why wouldn't starships suddenly no longer have sensors? Even submarines had sensors in the form of radar.
For your argument to work you need to throw sensors out.
First of all, what argument are you accusing me of, because I think you're talking about something I'm not. Secondly, why would I need to throw sensors out?
Otherwise yes, it won't be like a sub battle because they reliably know where the other starship is.
You've lost me now.
However music is not the same thing.
I disagree. It's a storytelling tool to establish a particular mood for a scene or to emphasize it.
It's a different tool.
Not at all. It's used for dramatic effect rather than for realism.
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