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Re: Embrace or Reject?: "Space as treated like an ocean.

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But isn't that exactly what they do? We hear them call out distances of ships being thousands of kilometers apart and yet we see them fit nicely on our television screens only a few inches apart.
Well, yes. But if you want to show them being thousands of kilometers aparrt, how do you make that interesting to look at, is the question.

Why wouldn't they be? If two ships aren't within visual range of one another, then they would have to be like submarine battles in which most of the action is inside the vessels.
Not if they have sensors, remember. Unless your scrapping that technology, they've never been needed to be able to eyeball something with the naked eye to be able to know it's there.

It's the old case of dramatic necessity versus scientific accuracy. It can be argued that there's no music in space too.
There's no music inside the starship either.

However music is not the same thing. It's a dramatic convention that is clearly disconnected from the actions on the screen - we know that nothing is 'making' the music. Conversely, using noises for starship battles is one of the many little ways Hollywood can ignore how something is supposed to sound (in this case, not at all) in favour of how it ought to sound.
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