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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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BTW, it's sad to confess this, but it wasn't from the file name that I knew the maker...
I thought you google image searched the photo, I'm sorry I discounted your encyclopedic knowledge of shoes and the ability to pick out a maker and line just by one picture of a shoe in 3/4 profile. You are truly amazing.

I just won an auction for a new pair of PJs. I think the seller has mislabelled them in the auction as being from the maker's diffusion line, rather than the main line that the tags in the photos show, so I figure I've got them for about a third of retail, and probably about half of what they'd otherwise go for on eBay. Even if they're from the diffusion line, I only paid a few quid over standard eBay market value for them, so I'm happy anyway.
Always nice to get an unexpected bargain.
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