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Re: TOS Enterprise Question...

My point was simply that at warp, when the ship is heading in a particular direction, the only degree of freedom in the orientation of the ship is in the roll angle.

Similar remarks apply at impulse, with caveats involving hypothesized interactions with the shields that fans have proposed over the years, that are more esoteric than I feel like discussing right now. In any case, it's still a non-trivially problematic issue when the impulse drive must be activated.

The point of all this is that there are significant other situations, besides combat, in which the array cannot be used with anything approaching absolute flexibility (if it really is such an array). Maneuvering is one of those other situations.

Scanning two remote targets simultaneously is another. As to why this is significant, it might be an important consideration when deciding how many ships to deploy along the neutral zone to carry out certain kinds of missions.

This is only for clarification in what I meant; none of this challenges the idea that these areas might be used as a specialized sensor array.
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