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The only occasion where the ship's orientation might perhaps limit such a set-up would be in a combat scenario
[*]And except when it's in warp.
I guess I assumed the warp field would create enough distortion that it wouldn't be reliable in that way anyhow. On the other hand, maybe not. We see sensors being used on the show when the ship is in warp pretty consistently. I suppose if the computers could compensate for the warp field why shouldn't they be able to compensate for the linear movement for a long range observation of what is "above" the ship? After all, even at warp speeds, the parallax affecting objects many hundreds of light-years distant wouldn't be affected that quickly.

[*]And except when the impulse drive is on (which while arguably omni-directional through the use of shields, something I'm not entirely convinced of by the way, in any case isn't ideally so).
I don't see this as a problem at all. If there's a chance of using it at warp speed there's no reason at all that it wouldn't work at sub light.

[*]And except when you need to scan things in two different directions.
Why would you need to? I'm picturing this as a specialized scientific instrument for long-range science probe type duty. These aren't the usual sensors at all. These are a special extra sensor system which is really just used for observing specific things at scheduled times. Not the regular run-of-the-mill utility sensors and scanners.

[*]And except when any number of other reasonable scenarios might apply.
Okay. I'm not sure what to do with something that general.

All have to be pointed at the same target but need to have some space between them to function correctly, for whatever reason.
On the other hand, this, an arrangement of sensors spread out like the VLA, to increase the effective resolution of the sensor array, is a reasonable proposal. It would effectively create a dish the size of the saucer, which is the surface of the ship with the greatest area.
Thank you! This was exactly what I had in mind! I just brain-farted on what the thing is called. This is a special system for high resolution, long-range scans of extremely distant objects. It probably isn't even normal cruiser equipment but it included on Enterprise and perhaps the dozen or so ships like her as extra neato scientific gear.

Thus, this array would be for high resolution scans; but other arrays should point in other, variable directions, so the ship wouldn't be all the time blind in those directions.
I 100% agree. I hope I didn't make it seem as though I expect that these four squares are the only sensor packages on this ship. They are just a specialized system for a specific use. I see the domes on the top and bottom of the saucer to be the normally used sensor emplacements that bring almost total sky coverage, except for what areas are blocked by the engineering hull. I also have assumed the three round lights on the saucer's bow rim are scanners and also assume that the big copper dish on the front end of the engineering hull is both a deflector and a scanner. (In fact, I assume this is the usually used long range scanner, that the warp field is configured to allow, and possibly enhance, a scanner beam to see through the forward lobe of the warp field.)

CLB, we all have our own ideas about what this ship really is. I have my ideas and I respect yours too. In fact, I hope to see more of your Enterprise model here soon. In fact, I like your ideas so much that on my own "Enterprise-guts-project" I've been inspired by more than a few ideas from what I read in that thread in days of yore. You oughta wheel that baby out again!

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