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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

Half the cast are damn Swedes, I mean Norwegians, so they better sound Norwegian.

This was excellent and you'll regret not seeing it in theatres. I was really worried it would just be a premake with CGI, but the beats they hit are actually pretty good and remind you of the 82 film rather than rip it off, while establishing their own beats as well. Being two teams of scientists, they come up with similar ideas, and the Things counter them in similar ways, but seriously, there's not a lot of ways to do things down at the South Pole. Copy shit. Get unmasked by some type of test. Slaughter people. Shoot it (not too effective), Kill it with fire! ... ??? ... Profit?

I thought they did especially well at setting up the aftermath to match (nearly) seamlessly with 82. The acting was good, sets great, CGI decent (seen better, seen worse, didn't throw me out of the film and while not as disgusting as the 82 practical effects, were pretty icky). I got head-faked at least once with who was a Thing, though some take-overs you knew were going to happen.

The setting was so cool to see again. Makes me wish At the Mountains of Madness hadn't fallen through.

Oh! They had musical cues/beats from 82 that instantly set the mood, too.

Ebert has his head up his ass still from not liking the first one. Typical of him, he misses plot points, references and inferences that are pretty plain to see, just so he can complain about shit. If I had a dollar for every time Ebert complained about shit that didn't even happen in the film, I'd have at least ten dollars.

Here's a clue or two, Ebert...The Thing didn't build that spaceship, it's last victim did. It uses a weird amalgam of body-parts because it is on an alien world and it takes time to figure out exactly what would be the best bodyform to morph into, let alone to do the morphing. Whenever a Thing separates, it no longer has any allegiance to its disparate parts. Each little bit of the Thing is interested in protecting itself, not the whole or the group. That's why it reveals itself and splits up to attack or runs away.

Anyway... If you liked the first one at all, you'll enjoy this addition to the Thingverse.

And there's definitely an opening for a sequel to 82 that could


link the survivors? of both films together...

At the Russian just base 50 miles north. We can make it!

Maybe even include some military guys this time or KGB, really get into the Meta who's a commie vibe of 82.

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