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Re: Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: Comic Book "Reboot."

I've picked up both issues so far as well and enjoyed them.
My only complaint is that too many faces all seem to be in the same place at the "super soldier" lab.
The turtles are there, splinter, April, Baxter who by association is linked to Kang it looks like.
Casey as an abused individual is consistent I suppose he's just now an early/mid 20's living at home still.

I like the idea of Old Hob, curious to see how that develops as well. I also like how they are holding out on bringing in Shredder. They know he's the icon villain and aren't rushing him out at us.

I've also pre-ordered IDW's hardcover deluxe omnibus style collection of the first 7 Mirage issues. Can't wait to get that. Anyone else order that as well?
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