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Re: Star Trek Online Discussion Thread (now free to play!)

Nice that they feel that they have to break the system in advance, knowing that they might not be competent enough to prevent a possible exploit later. They have to figure out a conversion rate anyway, can they not handle it if the people that have paid for 500 days of service so far (i.e. a large chunk of their operating budget) get a non-monetary reward? If the exchange rate works at lower levels, why would it break if a couple more people had a few more emblems?

Especially annoyed since I'm about a week from my 500 day reward, and they've taken away the thing I'd been promised for a long time, and not yet replaced it. The emblems would have represented getting nice gear and skipping a ton of grinding. A free VA ship token isn't terrible, but not much of a reward for someone playing 500 days, as they'd very likely already have VA level ships, plus having bought a couple others.

Screwed myself over by buying the Galaxy-X after picking the Galaxy refit as my VA ship, though. Would be nice to be able to try the Defiant instead. Also kinda screwed myself insofar as the Galaxy-X kinda sucks once the novelty wears off...
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