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Re: TOS Enterprise Question...

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The only occasion where the ship's orientation might perhaps limit such a set-up would be in a combat scenario
  • And except when it's in warp.
  • And except when the impulse drive is on (which while arguably omni-directional through the use of shields, something I'm not entirely convinced of by the way, in any case isn't ideally so).
  • And except when you need to scan things in two different directions.
  • And except when any number of other reasonable scenarios might apply.
All have to be pointed at the same target but need to have some space between them to function correctly, for whatever reason.
On the other hand, this, an arrangement of sensors spread out like the VLA, to increase the effective resolution of the sensor array, is a reasonable proposal. It would effectively create a dish the size of the saucer, which is the surface of the ship with the greatest area.

Thus, this array would be for high resolution scans; but other arrays should point in other, variable directions, so the ship wouldn't be all the time blind in those directions.
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