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Now, the argument for these being windows to science bays is not unreasonable, but there is one major counter-argument against that. Why would you design your science hardware so it all faced in only one direction? This seems to be to be a fatal flaw in the idea of these being skylights for sensor hardware.

Yeah, I'm still in the sensor bay category. The saucer itself acts as a huge platform placing the equipment at the widest possible separation capable on this structure. These particular sensor act together as widely placed elements of one huge long range sensor. All have to be pointed at the same target but need to have some space between them to function correctly, for whatever reason. Why be limited to one direction? You aren't, really. It turns out the whole ship is quite capable of maneuvering to whatever attitude is required to face these things at any given target. (After all, RL space telescopes, Hubble, et al are similarly limited in direction, but maneuver to aim the lens.) The only occasion where the ship's orientation might perhaps limit such a set-up would be in a combat scenario, in which case, there are larger priorities than long range scanning.

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