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Re: Embrace or Reject?: "Space as treated like an ocean.

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Realistically, ships should never be in visual range of one another during combat.
And here's the problem, no?

There's no compelling reason to ignore three dimensions besides laziness or the conveinence of visual short hand (if a starship is 'upside-down' that might feel a little disorienting) and likewise, little reason for starships to bank and turn as if they're in an environment.

But if a starship battle is not something you can actually see, well, one either needs to rethink how to shoot starship battles in a manner that's dramatic, or fudge realism for the sake of an exciting image. Submarine only partially works here - ignoring that Star Trek has, of course, done this (the cloaking device began as a space analogy to submarines) any space fights where the ships aren't able to obscure vision of each other aren't going to be a lot like submarine battles.

The same argument can usually be made for sound in space, although I liked Battlestar Galactica's semi-solution of hearing the sound from within a given fighter or starship.
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