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Re: Phase II Celebrates 7th Anniversary With Release of "Lost Vignette

I could have done without the tribble scene. It was bad enough what Scotty did to them in TTwT; Space PETA was no doubt rabid when they found out, no pun intended. In this case, it was needlessly cruel, as it required specifically bringing a tribble along, just to sacrifice it to annoy some Klingons.

Additionally, if you think about it, Kirk would have had to have kept the tribble calm and quiet the whole time. Couldn't it have blown his cover?

Furthermore, Kirk simply disappearing without a trace without ever breaking disguise, which is how I would have played it and incidentally what I expected, would have potentially simply left the Klingons wondering why their plan failed. This would have been far more strategically advantageous for the Federation. Not as "funny" perhaps, but then I found it less than funny as it was.
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