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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Based on Kurt Sutter's tweets today, it doesn't sound like the Juice & racism storyline is going to be making any more sense as the season progresses...

Kurt Sutter wrote:
critics and fans are struggling with the juice racism story. they crave more exposition. they're not gonna get it. i don't point story.

lack of set up exposition is why this show continues to surprise people and head in directions unimagined. everything in juice's arc has been supported by three seasons of story. you've never seen a black member. the[y've] never discussed under current of racism.

i would argue that the response is exactly what i intended -- what the fuck? this makes no sense? really? there are other minorities...

that's the point. it's archaic, but exists. if i set it up with another story, you would have seen this arc coming and i'd get shit for that[.]

the truth is people and by people i mean the cunts who keep fucking blogging about it, HATE the fact the club segregates.

it makes people UNCOMFORTABLE the guys they love to hate are racists. they can be gunrunning misogynist murderers, but they can't be racist.
I normally agree with, or at the very least am amused by, Sutter's "angry" thoughts on Twitter, but I really don't feel like this racism storyline is supported at all by "three seasons of story." I can't recall any indications of SAMCRO members seeming racist at all in the past seasons, so this storyline feels like it's literally come out of nowhere.
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