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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Outstanding. Reminds me of an audiophile I used to work with. He spent $500 on vibration dampening feet for his CD player. While listening to a new CD of a symphony, he kept hearing a rustling sound he thought was a flaw on the disc but he determined was the turning of the score.

Yeah, well, my new speakers are far from that good, but they're certainly better than the old ones. I'm getting used to them now.

I only saw them in a catalog, haven't seen the real thing yet. I may see them and fall out of like with them.
True, true. I don't distance-buy shoes "blind" either. Unless I've tried them (or another shoe in the same last) on IRL already, I prefer to buy in person. Even when you can exchange, it's just a hassle I can do without.

BTW, it's sad to confess this, but it wasn't from the file name that I knew the maker...

Interesting. I don't know if I'm anywhere near stylish enough to pull those off.
Practice makes perfect!

I just won an auction for a new pair of PJs. I think the seller has mislabelled them in the auction as being from the maker's diffusion line, rather than the main line that the tags in the photos show, so I figure I've got them for about a third of retail, and probably about half of what they'd otherwise go for on eBay. Even if they're from the diffusion line, I only paid a few quid over standard eBay market value for them, so I'm happy anyway.
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