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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

Finished it yesterday.

It was ok. I liked parts of it.

Quinn was completely worthless in this book. He disgusts me. Good way to celebrate Bridy Mac's life by throwing away everything she stood for. Pathetic.

Ganz is gone. The thing is, I never really felt he was very developed. Faceless and offhand for most of the series, then more of a generic angry mobster (which I guess he always was). Oh well.

I read this back to back with Declassified. I guess that one was the one to do it first, but I found the additional "origin" to the Tkon to be blah. I know there's no rule about being adherent to past books, but the Q Continuum trilogy already explained what happened to the Tkon, and so I was less than interested in the new twist.

I am sad for the destruction of Lovell as well. I thought it was in Foundations III, but it may have just been al-Khaled. I hope it's not the last we see of that crew. So much of the film era is unexplored! (Why is everyone so obsessed with that garbage five-year-mission anyway?)

I found it very conspicuous that Pennington did not reference Amity Price when he was thinking of Ganz "disappearing" people. Especially since that story was written by Ward.

Nimbus III stuff was kind of boring.

Nitpicks over.

I am excited for the end of the series. I think a problem with the series is that some of its cast never really reached depth for me. I got a real sense of Reyes, Fisher, T'Prynn, Pennington, Quinn, and to a lesser extent Desai, but Ganz, Jetanien, Xiong, and Lurqal/Sandesjo were very nebulous or one-note to me. I was especially interested in the exploration of Orions and Chelons, and very little of that (especially the latter) was realized. However, many of the supporting characters shined, like Khatami and the Sagittarius crew.
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