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Re: Your latest purchases, cont.

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Good luck on only needing to replace the speakers.
I got lucky.

Only needed to replace the speakers, and found a reasonably priced pair. The sound is a little "over-precise" to my ear but I guess I'm not used to hearing elements of songs that just mushed together a bit on the 10-yr old pair that broke yesterday.
Outstanding. Reminds me of an audiophile I used to work with. He spent $500 on vibration dampening feet for his CD player. While listening to a new CD of a symphony, he kept hearing a rustling sound he thought was a flaw on the disc but he determined was the turning of the score.

Johnston & Murphy
*makes note to rename any uploads moving forward*

Your shoe in cordovan colour would be a casual shoe that I'd tend to reserve for outfits that stop short of a full suit.
At the office, it's a full suit. People expect a certain look in my line of work.

I only saw them in a catalog, haven't seen the real thing yet. I may see them and fall out of like with them.

PS. if you like the idea of a black double monk in suede, there's a pretty cool version by Magnanni up at NM Last Call at the moment in a similar bracket to the J&M. That would work very nicely with a (non-shiny) semi-casual grey suit or similar trousers; perfect with flannel or donegal, for instance.
Interesting. I don't know if I'm anywhere near stylish enough to pull those off.
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