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CW deal with Netflix and implications

From the news this week of the CW & Netflix:
The basic deal is that if a scripted series (drama or comedy . . .though for now, on The CW, that means drama) airs on The CW, Netflix automatically acquires it.
Here's the Deal
First off: the pact. Netflix can begin showing episodes of all CW scripted shows (not unscripted ones) beginning the September after the season in which that episode aired. So, any episodes airing now will become available in Sept. 2012.

The deal is exclusive for SVOD [streaming video-on-demand], though there is a carve-out for the parties to still sell their shows to, for instance, a cable outlet.
For now, the deal affects shows produced over the next four years . . . though it actually runs longer than that, because Netflix keeps the rights for four years after each series -- current or future -- ends its CW run.
if The CW were to suddenly hit a massive home run by, say, CBS, ABC, NBC or Fox standards, Netflix would be getting an absolute steal at those prices. That, of course, is a new problem CW execs would be thrilled to have. And on top of that, the studios still have the rights to sell The CW shows on other platforms.

Analysis: Why the Billion-Dollar CW-Netflix Deal Should Catch Your Attention
Backend deal for relatively low-rated network saw CBS and WB get on same page about Netflix and create de facto annuity for CW for years to come
Broadcasting & Cable, 10/13/2011

So that pretty much sums it up that there will be no Trek series on CW in the next 4 years.
CBS would not let Netflix have the Trek TV series property at a steal for 4+ years.

So either no TV series in the next 4 years to be broadcast or definitely not on CW channel.
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