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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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^A pretty darn fun action movie?

Seriously, I will never understand all of the hate for the last one. It wasn't as good as the original Die Hard, no, but very few action movies are.
IMO it's the same people who bitch about Terminator 3 & 4 or nuTrek.
I love nuTrek and liked T3 and T4 (I even prefer Salvation to T3, for what it's worth). I don't hate DH4.0, I even bought it on DVD. It's an okay movie with some great sequences, but it's just not a patch on its predecessors, even Die Harder. Jarod Russell's analysis of it earlier was spot-on, IMHO. Okay is not good enough for Die Hard - the original is the best action movie ever IMHO and, prior to 4.0 letting the side down, it had been the best action franchise ever (I think Mr Bourne has now stolen the title).

Edit - it seems that Fox are denying the Russia story.

I want the next Die Hard to be on a par with the original or With a Vengeance; I'd settle for one up to DH2. But the pairing of Moore and Woods does not fill me with confidence.
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