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Re: THE THING (2011): Discussion, Spoilers, Reviews

Adore her too, will likely go see this movie with my buddy Saturday evening, will report back with my review that night.

Roger Ebert gave it a negative review (2.5 stars):

This version of "The Thing," directed by Matthijs van Heijningen Jr., provides such graphic and detailed views of the creature that we are essentially reduced to looking at special effects, and being aware that we are.
It's another one of his reviews that focuses less on the craft or the plot of the movie itself but more in the illogic of the creature imitating people and then exposing itself as a fraud. It's a bit more detailed than his "Nemesis" review where he criticized the movie for not lining up with how he thinks electricity will work in 400 years, but it's another one of those reviews where the movie's plot illogic overcomes the "craft" of the movie. (Comparatively, he was kind to "Real Steel" even though that movie's plot is just as thin if you were to analyze it.)

"The Thing" is a 39% ("Rotten") at Rotten Tomatoes based on 59 reviews. (22% "Rotten" based on 18 "Top Critic" reviews.)
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