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Re: Die Hard V - Not Looking Good...

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It does need to have the Ode To Joy in it - that was the one disappointing thing about the 4th one, especially given the awesome Sorman Nyman version heard in the trailer!
Damn you! Now I have to go listen to that trailer or I'll have the tune stuck in my head all week...oh never mind, I found a clean version. Hmm...sort of goes down hill after that strong intro. Ironic really.

Agreed though. I was enormously disappointed that track did show up in the film, it seemed to fit perfectly in the trailer.

I forget, did it only crop up in the first one or the first two? I'm fairly sure they didn't use it in the third film.

Strange that it's the tune most associated with the franchise though since it wasn't really used as McClane's theme so much as the German mercs'.
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