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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 2, part 2

Day 7: 1000 hours

Megan, Bashir and Nog were out walking in the Kendra mountain range, today they were walking up one of the highest peaks in the range. Surprisingly though it didn't have a name, it seemed that the Ferengi had no interest in walking around and admiring there countryside, hence they didn't name individual mountains and peaks. Though Megan knew that wasn't really profitable and it would have been no fun walking around these mountains if it was raining 24/7.

It was deeply refreshing to be removed from the rush and push of the Ferenginar capital, Megan had only seen about a dozen other people walking around. Once she and her companions had left the maglev network, ten miles outside of the Ferengi capital, and walked through the small town which was clearly a tourist trap, it became eerily quiet.

For some reason the Kendra mountain range looked somewhat like the Appalachian mountains, they both had coniferous forests. Though Megan noticed that the pine trees in these forests looked very different to Earth pine trees. These Ferengi pine trees had an unusual shaped bark, elaborately shaped leaves and the main trunk split into many offshoots.

The very earth underneath Megan's feet was an unusual orange/dull purple colour, while the grass was of a dark green colour. Megan checked the tricorder and collaborated her readings with the map of the local area displayed on a padd, by the looks of it she was on the right direction heading to the mountain. The paths were simply tiny earth tracks, and overgrown in numerous places.

She was crouching down on top of a tall boulder, that was next to a small waterfall, and she looked around when she heard Bashir and Nog approaching her from behind. They were taking it slowly up the steep and winding track through the forest, however the forest came to a stop where the waterfall was. Looking upwards Megan saw the reminder of the mountain range, it was a considerable climb. But at least there was no more undergrowth to cut through, the rest of the walk would be going up grassy slopes and finally some scree slopes and rock faces.

Megan was considerably sweaty, but she wasn’t that surprised, she had been far sweatier walking up the Appalachian mountains and there it was far warmer. Looking upwards, Megan realised that there was no cover from the sun for the next part of the walk, she removed her rucksack she was carrying, and rummaged around inside for a bottle of water and a sun hat. With the sunlight beating down upon her head, without shelter she would get muzzy headed in about half an hour.

Whenever walking out in the summer on Earth or any planet, Megan knew that the most important item was a sun hat. She had learnt the hard way about that, when she was about twelve she went out on a walk with her mother and had forgotten her sun hat. When the sun came out, Megan was totally frazzled and she got a nasty sun stroke, for the rest of the day she had felt very tired and queasy.

Finally Bashir and Nog caught up with Megan, the two were sweating and looked flushed, clearly they weren't used to this sort of walking. Admittedly Megan felt that her legs weren't used to all the walking either, despite her rigorous exercise regime back on DS9 to spruce up her fitness, walking like this was completely different.

“Come on you two, I thought you were fit Starfleet officers?” Megan decided to make fun of Bashir and Nog, because they had forced her to go out gambling in the night.

Nog was so out of breathe all he could manage were a few words. “Not… fair… I do… exercise… but not… like this!”

Bashir though seemed more comfortable than Nog was. “The last time I went out walking like this was in my time at Starfleet Academy, it’s so hard going walking through all this terrain. Anyway how close are we to the top?”

Megan raised her arm and briefly pointed behind her. “We have to walk up that slope to get to the top, it’s only about 2500 feet, I’d say no more than two hours climb.”

Nog looked like he was about to give up, he was bent over and his hands rested on his knees. “We’ve already climbed up 2000 feet, and through this forest, I don’t think my legs can take much more of this.”

This disappointed Megan, and she wasn’t about to turn back just because Nog wasn’t up for the walk. She needed to somehow persuade him to continue… “Are really going to give up Nog? For the first Ferengi to have joined Starfleet, I thought you would show more mettle and resilience.”

The jibe really irritated Nog. “Alright, I’ll keep going, and you should know that I don’t give up! Just give me a five minute break and then I’ll be ready.”

While Nog sat down on the grassy slope next to the waterfall, Bashir walked over to Megan. “Nice one,” he whispered.

Megan looked seriously at Bashir. “I want to get to the top of this mountain, I think of it as like a challenge, there’s nothing like physically exerting yourself and getting a bit sweaty.”

Bashir smiled at her, he seemed to admire Megan’s tenacity.
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