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Re: Seven Of Nine/Jeri Ryan Appreciation Thread

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Looking past the pretty looks and those tight catsuits was a women who could really act, and a character that was very engaging, and developed upon episode by episode. Without Seven VOY wouldn't be as cool as it now. Thanks to Seven, Janeway realized that Annorax was messing around with the timeline in Year of Hell.

In short Seven saved and helped the VOY crew more times than I can count, and because of her the Borg episodes were twice as good. That's about the highest praise I can give.
OMG this is SO TRUE.

When season 4 VOY began I went from thoroughly loving this new Trek series to being.. just blown away enthralled. I may be firmly entrenched in the Janeway Love Compound but 7 is the most personally significant character in all of Trekdom for me. That's thanks to great writing and great acting, and not just for Ryan but for all the others in how they interacted with her. The story of how 7 related to the already tight knit crew fleshed out ALL their characters and elevated the series into a much more original and real territory.

All the way out there in the Delta quadrant a human reclaimed from a horror and alien-ness that every sentient species in the galaxy recoiled from. A human who inspires a dizzying continuum of fear and compassion and admiration because of what was done to her and who she is now.

And yes, that was very very cool and VOY was all the cooler for it.
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