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^^^ Y'know, it wouldn't surprise me if they threw something like that in there.

My only concern is if they junk the world up with too many monsters, it will become nigh impossible to get anything done. They will need to make the player character more powerful, then we get into RPG-style rating upgrades, and it may make for a needlessly complex system. One of the things that initially appealed to me about MC was its elegant simplicity. The more complex it gets, I fear it may lose appeal.

They're already going in that direction anyway, with the new additions from 1.8 like the hunger and experience bars. Apparently upgradable skills are coming too. I agree, I feel simplicity is key, and I admit one of the reason I didn't get into 1.8 for awhile was because of the change in game mechanics. They just seemed to bum me out. The increase in complexity took away from some of the charm, in my opinion.

About the sun and the moon, well, that's interesting. In my texture pack, it's hexagonal. So, maybe it will be round in the default texture pack, but nothing will change in terms of texture packs having their own versions. It would be nice having an option to choose a server setting for where the sun sets though. It brings the question to mind though... will the horizon eventually curve slightly? I'd love to be able to pull back from the first person view to viewing the world as a cube and seeing what we've built on it as major landmarks.

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