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Re: What would YOU bring back?

I'd bring back Star Trek, but not any of the existing series. I want something new.

Other than that, I'd bring back any series that showed promise and didn't have the chance to fully tell its story: Firefly, Invasion, Jericho.

BSG, Lost, Farscape and B5 told their stories in full, so I wouldn't bring them back. I could see B5 having a good spinoff, though, but not Lost or Farscape. Caprica could have been a good spinoff for BSG, but required rethinking and greater dramatic focus.

Then there are the series that didn't really show a lot of promise but have premises that are worthy of a reboot or retry: Crusade, Threshold and Stargate in general are in that category.

stonester1 wrote: View Post
Star Trek WILL come back to TV, I'm certain of that. It is only a question of when and what form.
Yep. Might be very different from what we envision. What would work on the CW is very different from what would work on Showtime is very different from what would work on The Cartoon Network.

I don't know, maybe a bit early for another go at Star Trek?
Why is it "too early"? The movie demonstrated there is a great deal of interest in Star Trek, as long as it's presented in a convenient and attractive way, and doesn't suck. People will pay ten bucks to see it, but not watch it for free on broadcast or the cable channel they already subscribe to?
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