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Re: What would YOU bring back?

Sean Aaron wrote: View Post
Actually I wouldn't have minded seeing what another season of Charlie Jade would look like.
First thing that came to mind upon seeing the thread. Would have loved a season two of Charlie Jade.

Non-genre wise: Deadwood and Rome (with the latter having presumably a less truncuated feeling second season or something).

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My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
Farscape or GTFO.

Wereghost wrote: View Post
Aside from Firefly?

Star Trek (reboot or preboot).
I expected to see a lot of TOS and ENT references in this thread, surprised that this is the only Trek nod - but I guess reviving Star Trek is as stale an idea as reviving Firefly.

My Name Is Legion wrote: View Post
Sindatur wrote: View Post
What's damning? TNT cancelled the show, before a single episode aired...

Yes, yes, I know there are people who think the show wasn't just awful. Fortunately there aren't many.
I also think Crusade was bad, but I probably would have watched it until the second season to see if it was gonna pull its stuff together. It was the most promising of all JMS's Babylon 5 spinoff projects, but that's admittedly a terribly low bar.

I'd say the same about Caprica, although it was quite a bit better than Crusade.
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