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There's an end to this madness? Dunno, but I've always felt the game was more or less like Warcraft in terms of gameplay, with no end in sight. Does that mean there's going to be an official story or campaign mode? Having an end seems more fitted to single-player anyway.
Notch said last year that beating the game would be very open-ended and very difficult, and he mentioned the idea that killing a dragon would constitute winning. Considering dragons are now being added in the last few days before a freeze on new features, they're planned to be almost impossible to kill, and they'll only spawn in a realm called "The End", I would assume that's going to be the way to win.

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OMG, wierdness in the heavens. Notch has just proclaimed that the sun and moon will be round from now on, and the sun will rise in the East! Our whole world just got flipped 90 degrees!
I can understand changing the direction the sun rises from, although my sunrise/sunset observation rooms in Fort Jupiter are now useless, but I don't like the idea of a round sun and moon. The Minecraft world is a massive square so it makes sense that the sun and moon would be too.
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