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Re: DC's New 52: Reviews and Discussion (Spoilers welcolme and likely)

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Batgirl: Is it just me or does this feel extremely underwhelming so far? I still think that Gail Simone is the right writer for this book but I don't agree with how she has decided (Or DC) to reintroduce Barbara. I understand that Babs would have some doubts about being back in the field. I also think it lame dragging it out about how she got her legs back.
I'm convinced Simone hates the reboot and is trying to sink her career at DC and her books with some kind of Alan Moore passive-aggressive act. Because there is no way a writer of Simone's caliber can churn out something as badly written as #2 unless it was deliberate. The same goes for the abomination that is Firestorm.

Maybe she is the one jumping over to Marvel soon. Won't really miss her after this and the abortion of the last BoP book.

Frankenstein (5 stars) - This was probably the most improved of this week's #2s. I think Lemire is fast becoming the next Grant Morrison. It's a tragedy that he isn't writing Superman instead of Giffen because he has really demonstrated he can handle crazy high concepts like GM.

Batwoman (3 stars) - I think the interesting parts are the relationship between Maggie and Kate and the stuff with Cameron Chase. I have absolutely no interest in the Scooby-type mystery.

Superboy (3 Stars) - Fun book. Didn't realize that Rose was Rose Wilson aka Ravager.

SHIELD (0 Stars) - Literally just 22 pages of explosions and a few lines of dialogue. Extremely disappointing.
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