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Re: Star Trek: Vanguard: What Judgments Come review thread (SPOILERS)

[QUOTE=SolidusRaccoon;5281012]Compared to the other Vanguard books it felt flat. I dearly loved the others and maybe I went into this one with me expectations set too high. The subplots involving the Defiant and Nimbus III were just filler. We all know how those plots end, and it was not worth taking away from the main story to tell them.

Ganz got the short end of the stick, before I felt a real threat from him, now he was just laughable. It was like he was made a cliche villain from a Saturday morning cartoon. I felt bad for him, and his death was almost a mercy killing.


I agree with these 2 statements. The Defiant and Nimbus parts gave back story but weren't interesting to me. i like Jetanien but skimmed through those parts as they were irrelevant to the tale.

Ganz was also far different from how he began. But he also was no longer in control of his situation without Zett and having to deal with Nogura. However, I expected him to have more regard for Reyes based on earlier books. Obviously Neela was the brains of the opperation but I still expected Ganz to be a bit more in control of himself.
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