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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

Out of random curiosity, I watched Reflections in a Golden Eye from 1967. It struck me as the kind of story that could be remade better today (but would need to be set in the same era). It just did not come together at all.

John Huston's bizarre and hilariously literal decision to film the whole thing in a yellow filter was constantly annoying. The Filipino houseboy's performance was one of the most irritating that I've ever seen in a movie. Liz Taylor seemed to be playing a parody rather than a character. Marlon Brando otoh was interesting to watch, in a very uncharacteristic role for him, just at the stage in his life when he was decaying from hot young superstar into Jabba the Hutt. So his casting at just that time, in just that role, was perfect.

The young soldier who was the object of Marlon Brando's lust didn't register at all on screen. I know the guy is supposed to be mysterious, but they really needed to cast a young actor with a ton of presence, to compensate for the underwritten yet pivotal role he plays. Someone like Warren Beatty or Robert Redford.

Of course both were making better movies that year - Bonnie & Clyde and Barefoot in the Park, respectively, and were somewhat too old by that time anyway but I can't think of an actor of the right age who would have filled the bill instead.
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