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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

So the Sons do have some bullshit racist rule on the books? Well, then, everything Juice is doing is their fault. I hope things don't end badly for Juice...

Probably the rule has been in place for years and never challenged because no black guy ever tried to become a member. If Juice was more of a forceful personality with a strong sense of self, instead of being buffalloed by Roosevelt into betraying the Sons, he'd have stomped into the club with his family photo album under his arm and yelled, "listen up bitches, it's time for SAMCRO to join the 21st Century!!!"

The funny thing is, I can't envision Juice doing that. How odd, for a motorcycle gang member to be something of a shrinking violet.

Chibs suuuuure is suspicious, isn't he?

I still don't get why the Sons have a no-blacks rule for.
Maybe the older guys were more racist back in the day when they started the club. I can't see them caring now, though, and the younger guys would all side with Juice.

But here's a nicer and maybe more plausible explanation: the rule isn't racist so much as tribalistic. They already knew Juice was Puerto Rican, and it's common for Puerto Ricans to have African ancestry. That, combined with Juice's skin color, should have been enough to "out" him as possibly part black. How could it possibly matter that his black ancestors lived on the mainland rather than a Caribbean island?

But that's not really the issue, because the real issue is his tribal loyalties. There aren't enough Puerto Ricans in California for them to be a force in the gang world, like blacks and Mexicans are. So for Juice to be Puerto Rican doesn't cast suspicion on his loyalties. If he were black or Mexican, or maybe even Russian, it would be a problem simply because the MC would always have to wonder if he might join a rival gang. In which case, it does matter that his black ancestors lived on the mainland rather than a Caribbean island.

If that's the explanation, I think Kurt Sutter needs to make it all clearer to the audience because at this point I'm sure everyone is pretty confused. A "tribal" explanation for the Son's rule plus Juice's already-established lack of intelligence and self-regard would be enough to justify this plotline without anyone needing to be "at fault" - a true tragedy in the making.

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