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Re: Movies Seen in 2011

140. Dumbo (A-)
141. Smiles of a Summer Night (A)
142. The Ides of March (B)
143. Moneyball (A-)
144. A Few Good Men (A+)

Debatably Rob Reiner's best movie, this was the first of two films he made with Aaron Sorkin (The American President was also good, but not this good, and is mainly memorable as the prototype for The West Wing). A stirring legal drama with great dialogue and the best performances of a number of the cast; it's a damn shame that Nicholson's performace was in the same year as Gene Hackman's work in Unforgiven, because they were two of the strongest supporting performances of the 1990s. The Oscar that year deservedly went to Hackman, but it's a shame that Nicholson didn't get it (it would certainly have been a better third Oscar for Nicholson than As Good As It Gets). I also enjoy the number of minor parts played by actor who would become more famous in later years (especially funny is the presence of John M. Jackson, who later became the boss on JAG, a TV series one imagines was heavily inspired by this movie's success).
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