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Re: The absolute worst captain in Star Trek

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True, Riker balked a little too much in the beginning, but he got his act in gear fairly soon afterward.
He most definitely did not get his act in gear:
"Riker, on the other hand, was ready to commit treason - by not piloting the shuttle and ending an imminent cardassian attack on the federation - just because he was butthurt due to Jellico bruising his ego."
Actually, that's not true at all. What happened was that an equally "butthurt" Jellico had already relieved Riker of his duties prior to the mission even being conceived. Jellico talked to several pilots, but the truth was that Riker was best one for the job. Jellico eventually went to see Riker privately about the mission:
JELLICO: I won't order you to fly this mission. I'm here to ask.
RIKER: Then ask me.
JELLICO: Will you pilot the shuttle, Commander?
I don't see any indication of treason there. It should also be noted that Jellico had given Riker permission to speak freely.
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