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Re: SONS OF ANARCHY tv series disscussions and comments

Great episode tonight. The tension in SOA keeps getting bigger and bigger with each episode.

I glad they brought closure to the Ima situation which I felt wasn't fully resolved or addressed after Jax's rescue of Tara last season. I think Jax effectively made his point in Ima.

I applauded Piney punching Opie. Opie did deserve it by the way he has been acting lately. I hope Opie and Lyla make up somehow and that Opie learns to let go of Donna's shadow on his marriage. But I worry about Piney. I mean why hasn't he been pushing Clay about his answer to the threat he made? Is he wondering what's the point of it all?

I am shocked by how Clay could order a hit on Tara, Jax's wife-to-be and mother of his kids, with Romano's help and then act all friendly and warm with a clueless Jax afterwards. Clay is a cold bastard. I'm glad Unser took some action to protect Tara but I fear all this plotting is going to blow up big time and Jax won't be kept in the dark about what's really going on for long.

Juice truly crossed the point of no return in this episode. Before killing Miles, he had the chance to fess up and try to make things right with his fellow Sons like Chibs did when Stahl tried to turn him into a rat in Season 2. But that chance is gone and whatever way this situation goes, I fear Juice is going to die. I still don't get why the Sons have a no-blacks rule for. I know Chibs said that it has been around for some time and that the rules are the rules but I don't get the reasoning behind it. I do think Chibs suspects Juice is up to something based the chat they hade back in the warehouse. I bet he is going to find out about Juice being a rat before the others.
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