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Re: the state of sf/f TV development for 2012-13

Cloak & Dagger (ABC Family) - sounds horrible

Defiance (SyFy) – sounds horrible

Hyde (ABC) - sounds horrible

Jeckyll & Hyde (also ABC, how’s that for a split personality?) sounds stupid

Last Hope (Showtime) -eh....

The Last Resort (ABC) - interesting premise... but what is the series about?

Mockingbird (ABC Family) -meh

Pandemic (FOX) - meh

Powers (FX) - meh

Source Code (CBS) - could be interesting. enjoyed the movie.

Stranger Planet (FOX) – could be really stupid

Untitled Frankenstein Project (NBC) - no... just no

Untitled Fun with DNA Project (ABC) - ugh.. no

Untitled Warehouse 13 Spinoff Project (SyFy) - I could get behind some Steampunk

Zero Hour (HBO) – I would watch this


ABC and CW have dueling Beauty & the Beast remakes in development. - no

American Gods (HBO) – didn't like the novel, but it could make a good TV adaptation

Bewitched (CBS) - no

The Damned (Showtime) - I like Showtime... sure

Haunted (ABC) - nooooooooo

The Munsters (NBC) – no

Pillars of Smoke (NBC) - sounds just vague enough to be interesting

The Seven Wonders (ABC) - could be awesome or stupid

Sleepers (CBS) - old and tired

The Spectre (FOX) - meh...

Under the Dome (Showtime) – love King...

Untitled Ghost Hunters Project (TNT) - meh...

Untitled I See Dead People Project (CBS) - no...

Untitled More Weird Shit in British Columbia Forests Project (TNT) - no...

Untitled Harry Potter for Grownups Project (ABC) - maybe...

Wasteland (TNT) - maybe... probably not

The Watchers (ABC) - stupid

Wicked Good (ABC) - sounds horrible
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