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Re: RPG Recruitment Thread

Watchtower Station, the successor to Task Force Gamma's USS Hartington Simulation, is recruiting Officers, Crew and Civilians for its continued exploration of the Star Trek Universe! Set in 2385, the crew of the USS Hartington find themselves nearly ten years in their future faced with a vastly different and ever-changing universe. The Gamma Quadrant has become a new beachhead for the Federation's continued expansion for resources after the Borg Invasion in Star Trek: Destiny and Watchtower Station is the center of those operations.

We strive for a diverse crew of Officers, Enlisted personnel, Civilians and non-Federation Aliens to flesh out the stories we're telling, aiming for a deeper storytelling experience in the true vein of Star Trek. One of the goals of Task Force Gamma is to build a strong setting to help build the support structure for the Station and the side-sims such as the Dyson Sphere Research Project, The Federation Marshal Service, the Starfleet Marine Corps and the JAG Team.

Now in our third year, Task Force Gamma Simulations is a member of the Ninth Fleet, a loose organization of independent minded simmers who put the game first, not fleet politics, giving the gamers control over the game.
We accept simmers of all experience levels, from veterans in the gaming community to newcomers who've only just discovered simming. If you're willing to play, we will find a place for you!

We're looking for:

Watchtower Station

Judge Advocate
Support Craft Pilot
Chief Science Officer
Science Specialists and Officers
Civilian Scientists
Security Specialists and Officers
Chief Medical Officer
Medical Officer (M.D.)
Head Nurse
Civilian Physicians
IME (Interspecies Medical Exchange) Physician (May be non-Federation)
Starfleet Corps of Engineers Team Members
Federation Envoy
Deputy Federation Marshal
Members of the Klingon Delegation (Civilian or Military)
Members of the Cardassian Delegation (Civilian or Military)
Members of the Romulan Delegation (Civilian or Military)
Members of the Ferengi Delegation (Civilian or Military)
Civilian Residents
Starfleet Merchant Marine Crew
Orion Syndicate Operative

Starfleet Marine Corps, Eigth Division, Second Brigade, First Regiment

Marines, both Officer and Enlisted

Dyson Sphere Research Project

Starfleet Liaison Officer (Second in Command of Dyson Base)
Chief of Project Operations
Operations Team Member (Civilian) and Officer (Starfleet)
Project Security Officer (Starfleet or Marine)
Science Team Member (Civilian) and Officer (Starfleet)
Chief of Project Medical (Civilian or Starfleet)
Medical Team Member (Civilian) or Officer (Starfleet)

Some positions may only be obtained as secondary posts until more non-standard characters arrive in-game. As our player-base grows we can offer more play time to non-standard characters. As we grow, we will also be looking for players with a fresh outlook on the game to help brainstorm new stories and help tell them. Yes, that means that we're looking for players interested in taking the lead moving forward!

You can visit our gameplay forums at to see how we play. To join, visit our Nova site (still under construction) at or contact the Commanding Officer at for more information!

We hope to hear from you soon!
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