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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Those sound pretty good, although I think I've read a lot of Halloween. I'll probably order one of the other two for my Halloween Marathon. Probably Johnny Halloween, since I enjoyed Dark Harvest.

I finished Blamire's Anthology, Tales of the Callamo Mountains. Usually with anthologies I read a couple of stories and then put them down to dip into randomly, but I read this one straight through. As I said, they are not humorous. They read more like folk tales, but with a unique voice; one story, about a cowboy killed in a riding accident, was pretty touching. Good stuff.

I think I will read World War Z leading up to Halloween and then decide on some anthologies and movies. My Marathon will be a little disrupted this year, since my Brother has decided to get married that weekend. Punk kid's got no respect for tradition.
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