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Re: Why were so many characters on Voyager underdeveloped?

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If Voyager had a larger plot it wouldn't be Voyager.

TNG didn't have a larger plot and it was fine.

DS9 was a progression from TNG, and then Voyager was a regression from DS9, which would only be justifiable if DS9 was a HUGE failure.

Which it sort of was.
How so? DS9 was only a failure in terms of publicity, apparently it was quite successful in hindsight, even exceeding Voyager's ratings in the end, I believe.
Worf and the Defiant were brought into DS9 to help boost ratings, just like Seven was introduced into Voyager for that same reasons. Ds9 was also on a syndicated network, Voyager was on a major one. The value of syndicated ratings aren't even in the same ratings system as ones from major network TV. While DS9 held strong for syndication, if it was on a major network like Voyager it might have been canceled.
TNG made TV history by being the first show run in syndication that had a large enough audience equal to ANY major network show.
Paramount is a success as far as Paramount is concerned because it still held strong up against it's contenders on other major networks like FOX.
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