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Re: DS9: A continuation

Chapter 7

Day 4, 2000 hours
Holo was so miserable he had remained sitting on the same chair for hours. Never in all his time as a Starfleet officer had he been relieved of duty. It was a terrible humiliation to him since his career as a Starfleet officer was the only thing he had. The only accomplishment he could show to the whole universe was his job. Now though dark thoughts constantly spawned in Holo's mind, would he be removed from Starfleet just because he was a hologram?

The door to his quarters chimed, bringing him out of his dark spell.

“Enter,” he said.

He looked up to see Ezri walking towards him. Holo tried to add as much bitterness and contempt into his voice as possible when he addressed Ezri. “Captain, have you come here to remove me from Starfleet?”

Ezri sat down on another chair, and she looked directly into Holo’s face, surprisingly she looked a little guilty. “I want to apologize for relieving you of duty, in hindsight that was a rash decision.”

Holo could not be sure whether he had heard that correctly. “What made you change your mind?”

“It was Max who made me carefully think about whom you are, and I realised I had poorly treated a fellow officer; a sentient being.” In a guilty way, Ezri shifted uncomfortably in the chair. “So as of this moment you're back on duty and the reprimand I placed on your Starfleet record will be removed.”

Overwhelming relief filled Holo's through mind. “Thank you captain. However, what about the other crew members onboard this station? They cannot continue to treat me like some sort of machine.”

“And they won't; I have spoken to Kira to about this matter. Both she and I have agreed upon telling the officers under our command to treat you as they would treat any other officer. Failure on their part to do so, and they will be relieved of duty. I want you to remain on this station Holo because you are a very talented officer and it would be a shame to lose you.”

Ezri stood up, and Holo did the same. They walked towards each before stopping, and they shook hands. Holo held onto to Ezri’s hand, in a way to express his gratitude for Ezri’s decision. “I won't let you down captain.”

The two broke off their hand shake; Ezri gave Holo a brief and small smile. She then left Holo's quarters.

Holo felt euphoric; he had been given a second chance. For the first time, Holo was hopeful about an improved relationship with his crew members, and where all of the nastiness, contempt and hostilities, would finally come to an end.


Day 5, 0930 hours

The last three days for Holo had been some of his best on board DS9. Now people were more polite towards him, and they stopped pretending that he did not exist. A sign of how well things were going was that he was working with Taron without incident. Indeed Holo thought Taron looked slightly embarrassed and seemed almost afraid of starting an argument with him.

As Holo repaired an EPS manifold embedded into the wall of a DS9 corridor, he noticed Taron approaching him.

“Erm commander?” inquired Taron who looked very sheepish.

Holo turned around and stood up to face Taron. “What is it?”

Taron looked nervously at him. “It's about two days ago, you know concerning that argument we had, well-”

“Forget about it,” said Holo. “You haven't annoyed me once today, and you're more courteous towards me.”

For some reason Taron still looked sheepish.

“Is something else bothering you?” Holo asked.

“Oh it's just that the colonel had a few things to say to me...”

This did not surprise Holo and he was glad he was not in Taron’s shoes. “She has quite a temper doesn't she?”

Taron laughed out aloud, and the tension and awkwardness between the two vanished. Holo smiled at Taron; he could not forgive Taron, but he could forget what happened between the two.

“Come on let's get this finished,” said Holo, “before the colonel reprimands us for shoddy maintenance.”

Both Holo and Taron returned to work and as Holo repaired the EPS manifold he could not help smiling to himself. Maybe it was good choice working on this station, now that he had overcome the major hurdle of crew prejudice towards him...

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