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Re: Let's Talk About Horror Fiction and Film

Already time to rename this thread for Hallowe'en. Crazy.

A few weeks ago I finished OVERWINTER by David Wellington. It was swell, though I think I liked FROSTBITE a little more. I've pre-ordered 32 FANGS, Wellington's last chapter in his entertaining-as-heck vampire series.

Two days ago I finished Johnny Halloween: Tales of the Dark Season by Norman Partridge, author of DARK HARVEST. It's Cemetery Dance book, so it's a nice little volume. It's a small book of short stories, with one non-fiction piece where Partridge talks about growing up in Vallejo, CA during the time of the Zodiac killer, and the Hallowe'en after the first victim made the news. It's an interesting description of experiencing the difference between childhood horror and real fear.

It's a good little book, wrapping up with a short story that serves as a sort of sequel to DARK HARVEST, telling the story of another year's October Boy. Great little read.

I've just started a new Hallowe'en anthology appropriately titled HALLOWEEN. It's a great-looking book, with some good authors. I've read the Lovecraft story in there, and a couple of others sound familiar, but the book seems worthwhile.

I think the last one I'll have time for is THE PUMPKIN MAN by John Everson. This'll be my first Leisure Horror purchase since they switched to trades. I'm getting it in a couple of days; I hope the quality is good. The story sounds fun.
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